Thursday, 11 October 2012

An 'Unproposed' Proposal- A love story of its own kind!


The story is only for emotional maniacs. If you are not of them; four words for you- Do not read anymore.

My mind goes awry as soon as 'the talks with her' cross my mind. And These days they are coming often . I am numb. The sanest person of the world would surely have felt the same as I do- for the most beautiful angel plays her tricks ravishingly, hypnotizing all my senses in no time. I  used to wonder all the time  how soon a rational mind tends to irrationality by some exotic feeling called LOVE .Irrationality- They call it 'Being in love'.  I can feel it now. 

                                      -TO BE CONTINUED.

-Mr Dream Teamo.

Friday, 27 April 2012

My Angel !!

I'm awe-strucked 
when I see you.
I pinch myself,
is it true??

Oh! you are beautiful, 
You are stunning!
Seems like an enchantress
who has come for wooing.

I feel you here 
And I feel you there.
you dwell in my dreams,
"Angel, Angel is what I scream"!!

I aspire to talk,
And Not to stalk.
I 'm a coy,
You may say.
"Take Care of my Angel," is what I pray.
-Mr Dream Teamo.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Trolled Again!!

Disclaimer- This post is not related to LOVE which you might expect from Mr. Dream Teamo. So if looking for it, readers are requested to leave and come again sometime later.

This Post has been written in completely INSANE -cum- HALF DRUNK state of mind!!
All the remarks made are PURELY INTENTIONAL!!

From my terribly long absence of the blog - My loyal reader, since you are smart and intelligent (if in case, Just like Me!!...:P..:P) , I am assuming( or rather hoping) that you might have guessed how much busy my last month would have kept me!! SOP's, Recommendations, Training Letters,....BLAH BLAH BLAH...!! But None of them have shown a positive outcome yet..!!

I'm not just POINTING my college for that BUT BLAMING IT (IN ALL MY SENSES!!), since it is the only place in my life where everyday I go, put my ASS on smutted benches, watch my Profs. teaching themselves ( for, I rarely understand any word said by them and I NEVER WILL- you must APPRECIATE my CONFIDENCE here..:P..:P). Wondering in la-la land of what I'm gonna do in the coming months of life. What its gonna have in its packet for me?? A year left in my graduation, parents say " Beta, Its High time , you should focus on your subjects and show a concern for your poor marks".  Well ,I would like to bring to attention all my readers that, "We students are fooled right from our X-class .Then Teacher said," Beta Padh lo, 10th ke baad to aish hi aish h...!!"

 ((And Now also they preach the same" Beta padh lo, College ke baad toh aish hi aish h."))

No "AISH - VAISH" happened, and then came gigantic barricade IIT-JEE - The most sane Exam of the insane world which requires sheer efforts and Brain storming hard work, unless you belong to the contemporaries of  Einstein,Newton and few other of the same genre. Again the lesson and Prescriptions of clearing Boards and Competitive exams took the scene and we are trolled again.!!...:(

Thereafter, the Most awaited period of any teenager-The College life started-(The tenure in which one sees his life transformed from heaven- to -hell  in just few months**)

**Depends on number of authorities participating in screwing in you/Number of pangas you haven taken in the college!!..:P..:P 

It is something which is as seen from outside the College gate seems most fascinating-cum-alluring place, but when seen from inside--- SHORT-CUT TO THE VICIOUS HELL!!! ;Unless you 've friends like Mr Sapient and Mr Cognizant, two special persons in particular and many other who hold exceptional place deep in my heart. 

And Thus it is proved that College shows Dual nature following Einstein's Theory of Relativity and Debrogile's Principle!! ..:P..:P..:P

Trolled Again!!!!
-Mr Dream Teamo

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I wish...

I wish I could write,
to tell,my love meant only for her, all the times.

I wish I could say,
my dreams were her's,anyways.

I wish I could pour,
why I wanna make up
with her,for sure.

I wish I could paint,
her angel-like expressions,
which enchants my days.

I wish she would perceive,
certain hints that I aim to give.

I wish she would sight,
What I did perhaps, was right.

I wish she has heard,
why-"Action speaks Louder than words".

                                            (To be Continued)
-Mr Dream Teamo

Friday, 3 February 2012

I miss................

Well,here comes the first post of the year.Albeit ,late, of  my time and ambition constraints..............I'm sorry to all regular visitors(if any..:P) who ardently waited for the post!

Best Regards,
-Mr Dream Teamo

Dedication- "To the face that once brought smiles to mine"..:)

I miss the smile,
That I loved seeing day and night.

I miss the days,
When dimples on your cheeks embraced my ways.

I miss my sight,
When I gazed in your glossy eyes.

I miss the lovely days,
When we used to hang out in our ways.

I miss our tryst,
that was filled with romantic bliss.

But now a days,
a question haunts me,
that why it all passed in such a haste ?
leaving me in obsessions
whose memories are never gonna get erased.
-Mr Dream Teamo

Saturday, 24 December 2011

For My school Friends!!..:)

My friends, this I wrote for you
For Deep In my heart,I remember you!!
I dont talk, doesn't mean I forgot!

Some are here,some are abroad
Trust me, my friend I pray for all, a lot!!
Do well, is what I advice
Faith in Almighty,And he would set things right!!

Culprit is the "time"
It flew so fast,
I wish Einstein built a time machine,
So that we could go to past..:P

On this X'mas night,
I solely wish
you always glitter.
Make hays,in your ways
Make name,raising your fame.

Not much to say,
Just stay in touch
Bye My friends, and have a blessed Christmas!!
-Mr Dream Teamo

Friday, 16 December 2011

Time Heals!!

Just Go,
Free me, please.
I don't want to struggle,
And life would be back at ease.

I'm done with you,
I played my part.
All I got nothing,
But a broken heart!

I tried my best
but you never discerned
My hopes are in vain
Only letting me in pain.
To you I'm nothing more,
than a useless insane.
No matter what happens,
Time would set it right.
For my friend "Times heals all thy wounds" right??
-Mr Dream Teamo

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